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He Follows is a remake of the popular game "Slenderman". This game is purely made for programming experience and fun. If you'd like to experience a remake of the original horror game "Slenderman" in Virtual Reality, here's your chance!

(I understand this is not my idea, purely made for experience, play if you'd like, don't if you don't)

Install instructions

For Virtual Reality Only! (HTC-Vive)


He Follows_Data.zip 129 MB


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I tried to record this for my youtube channel but for some reason i cannot pick up the pages. I used every button and read the comments but nothing works. :/ Otherwise this was awesome ^^




I'm interested to give this a go, but heads up: You have to mark the build as Windows compatible for people to be able to download through the Itch.io launcher.

How do you pick up the pages?

With the grip buttons

Slenderman needs to be more agressive, the only way I ever got caught was that i walked up to him on purpose, if you teleport around fast, you just never see him.


I noticed a while back and assumed you would realise, I ended up registering just to tell you this.

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You only uploaded the unity EXE, you need to upload the content folder as well. Please fix this.

100+ Downloads and no one has told me but you, thank you! :)